Fight your impulse to respond to negative treatment

Being able to exercise restraint is an important characteristic of successful people. Negative treatment and backlash is something everyone faces in life, but taking the bait and fighting back can end your career, especially early on.


  1. Remind yourself that those who do not fight back achieve more success
    Oftentimes, fighting back can end your career. Especially if you are just starting out, you are likely to face negative treatment from both your peers and those who are more established than you. Staying silent in the face of this treatment and keeping your self-control is important to keep you focused on your larger plan.

  2. Tell yourself that you will be able to change the system once you have made it
    Once you have achieved success, the chances of you facing negative treatment are unlikely. Even if you do, you are well-established enough to be able to fight back and not take the career hit.


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