Show love to strengthen your marriage, even in the toughest times


  1. Focus on one issue at a time.
    When faced with a problem, it's best to address one grievance at a time, so your loved one doesn't feel overwhelmed.
  2. Start off calmly.
    Don't let your emotions get the best of you; instead, try to stay calm and prevent the situation from escalating.
  3. Use non-inflammatory language.
    Avoid using phrases like "You never..." and "You always..." Instead, use "I feel" statements to express how you feel.
  4. Attempt to de-escalate.
    Try to keep the conversation calm by using a calm tone and avoiding harsh words.
  5. Acknowledge other pressures.
    Recognize that your loved one may be feeling overwhelmed by work and other demands.
  6. Show your love.
    Tell your loved ones "I love you" more often, give them hugs, and send them thoughtful messages to show your affection.
  7. Make small gestures.
    Make small, loving gestures like giving compliments, making their favorite meal, or surprising them with a thoughtful gift. These small gestures can go a long way toward showing your love and appreciation.


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