Fight ignorance


  1. Stay real with followers and likes.
    They show no interest in your content and don’t interact with it. It’s called cheating. The only exception is paying to promote posts or pages on Facebook, but that’s how it is.

  2. Earn followers with quality posts.
    Don’t ask anybody to follow you. Have a moral standard. Try to use social links as a subtle invitation.

  3. Refrain from asking people to reshare your posts.
    Make your posts good, and it will happen naturally.

  4. Get over yourself.
    Nobody cares if you unfollow someone, so there’s no need to say it out loud. And if somebody unfollows you, continue posting good stuff. You shouldn’t care about that.

  5. Stop swearing.

  6. Refrain from calling yourself an expert.
    If you are one, people will notice it.

  7. Do it yourself, without an agency.
    If you follow all of the above rules, chances are you won't need one.

  8. Entrust your social media with qualified people, not interns.
    Put qualified people to do the job with your social media until interns develop certain skills by watching them.


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