Express sexuality in a way that will make a woman feel secure


  1. Set an intention and visualize it.
    Take some time to think about what you want to achieve from your interaction with a woman and write it down. Create a mental image of what you want to accomplish and focus on the positive emotions associated with it.
  2. Communicate with intention.
    Speak without an ulterior motive and be aware of the difference between a tease and an insult, or between sharing yourself and bragging.
  3. Express your sexuality in a way that makes the woman feel secure.
    Flirt with her in a way that is overt, subtle, or implied. Generate sexual tension and make your intentions clear.
  4. Develop self-awareness and vulnerability.
    This will give her the chance to get to know the “real you," trust you, and open up her own emotions. Push yourself to go one level deeper in conversations and share your emotions, motivations, and life story.
  5. Connect with women emotionally.
    Connect with women emotionally and avoid being overly focused on physical attraction.


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