Explore, develop, and trust your intuition


  1. Spend 5-10 minutes reflecting over your life and your memories, looking for times when you’ve had an intuitive signal about something.
    Think about the times when you followed the signal, or times when you didn’t.

  2. Journal, list, draw or map out these experiences.

  3. Identify any common themes, or common signals.
    For example, an uneasy feeling in your belly, or a persistent thought that “this isn’t right”.

  4. Now ask yourself: are there any situations I am in now that are bringing up an intuitive signal?
    Explore and notice whether what your intuition is suggesting needs further investigation.

  5. Write down 1-3 actions you can take in relation to a current situation where you are having an intuition.
    For example, you could find out more about that guy’s background, talk to a friend about this concern, be more alert when you walk through this place…


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