Experiment and find activities that match your genes.

What you are good at (or what you can be good at), depends strongly on your genes. So instead of forcing yourself to engage in habits that you don’t enjoy, or feeling disappointed because you cannot keep up with the demands of society, work on things that you feel comfortable with and you are good at naturally.


  1. Explore.
    Try out different possibilities; research a broad range of ideas.

  2. Focus on the best solution you found, and keep experimenting occasionally.
    If you are winning, keep exploiting it. If you are losing, keep exploring new options.

While you are exploring, narrow down the ideas to those most satisfying to you:

  1. Something that feels like fun to you and like work for others

  2. Something that makes you lose track of time.

  3. Something that can give you a greater return than the average person.

  4. Something that comes naturally to you.


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