Experience the same situation differently

By changing your experience from associated to disassociated you can radically change your experience of life. Your behavior is the result of the state you are in, which depends on your internal representations. You can change the effect of any experience and redirect your brain to create the states and behaviors that support and motivate you.


  1. Remind yourself of a recent pleasant experience.
    Step into that experience: see what you saw (events, images, colors, brightness); hear what you heard (voices, sounds); feel what you felt (emotions, temperature).

  2. Move away from your body and the situation, and look at yourself in that experience.
    Imagine the situation as if you were watching yourself in a movie.

  3. Feel the difference between the two experiences.
    Think about the feelings and emotions in both experiences—associated and disassociated. During which experience were the emotions more intense?


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