Examine and reevaluate your beliefs to change your negative self-image


  1. Identify the belief that’s behind your negative behavior
    Ask yourself questions to trace the underlying belief that’s holding you back. For example: “Do I feel unworthy of success?” “Am I uneasy speaking in public?” “Do I feel that people are hostile toward me?” Ask yourself questions based on the areas of your life you feel you’re struggling to attain progress.

  2. Ask yourself why you’re holding yourself back
    To root out a false belief that’s triggering negative feelings and behavior, ask yourself “Why” questions. For example: “Why do I believe that I can’t succeed?” “Why am I afraid to speak my mind in front of others?” or “Why do I believe that others hate me?”  These questions will uncover the underlying beliefs that are controlling you.

  3. Challenge the underlying beliefs
    Ask yourself: “Is this belief based on fact or an assumption?” “Is there any rational reason for this belief?” “Could I be wrong about this belief?” “Why should I keep acting and feeling as if this belief is true if there is no evidence to prove it?” Think hard about these questions and, if possible, get emotional about them. Get angry at the fact that you’ve allowed yourself a false belief to control your life. Then use your indignation to throw off your negative self-beliefs, never to accept them again.

  4. Use the power of desire to cancel out any negative beliefs
    Picture what you would like to be and have, and then arouse within you a deep desire for these things. Assume that all things are possible and don’t doubt your ability to achieve your goals. Generate enough emotion so that your new beliefs can cancel out the old, negative ones.


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