Start your day doing the Most Important Task (MIT) first.


  1. Write your goal down.
    Be specific.
  2. Identify all the tasks/activities that are necessary to achieve your goal.
    Write it down.
  3. Circle the task that will have the biggest impact on your goal (MIT)
    For example, although writing a book involves many activities like research and planning,  the biggest-impact task is the actual act of writing. 
  4. Schedule your MIT for the first two hours after you are fully awake
    Most people are most productive and have the highest cognitive functioning within the first two hours after they are fully awake. By working on your MIT first thing, you do what matters most as your priority, setting yourself up for a successful day.


It is highly important that we face the mountains early on in the day so as to make the rest of the day easier to deal with. This helps you psychologically. I also make it a point to start the day by going to gym.
This action is most useful for me when I feel overwhelmed. I spend 10 minutes every night to review all my ongoing activities, and identify which specific tasks are most useful for me. I don't always have the time to spend 2 hours every morning on them, but simply prioritizing them helps me feel like I'm heading somewhere productive!

Take action!

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