Evaluate your life as it currently is.

Day to day, moment to moment,your life path is either curving upwards or downwards. Identifying the specific areas of your life which are heading downwards is the first step in changing their course. If you take action immediately and begin working towards pushing your life path upwards by targeting specific problem areas, you will achieve overall success in life.

Remember, failure only begins when you stop working towards pushing your life path upwards.


  1. Identify whether you are headed upwards or downwards in each of the following areas of your life:
    Your health, your happiness, your friendships and relationships, your personal development, your finances, your career and your positive impact on the world.

  2. Get a piece of paper and a pencil and write your answers down.
    Are you headed upwards or downwards in each area? Look over your answers.

  3. Start immediately working on the areas of life in which you are headed downwards.
    Keep in mind that all these areas of life are connected - improve one of them, and others will begin to improve as well.

  4. Keep yourself on track.
    You will veer off course every now and then, but that’s perfectly normal. As long as you remember your goals and vision of the future (ie. your dream), you will be able to redirect yourself back on the proper course.


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