Stop doing the work you hate


  1. Do you want to be in this job on your next work anniversary?
    Imagine yourself one year from now - do you see yourself working at the same organization?
  2. Does your job challenge you without overwhelming you?
    Do you have some autonomy over your work? Do you feel energized and excited at work, or are you bored and unfulfilled?
  3. Are you able to perform your best?
    Think about whether there is anything holding you back from doing your best. 
  4. What would your salary bump be if you were to switch jobs?
    Generally, the best time to switch jobs is between 3-5 years if you’re looking to get a big salary bump. After that, you’ll likely be more tied down to your company and may find it difficult to start somewhere else.
  5. Does your work align with your long-term goals?
    Write down your top 2-3 goals for the next five years and ten years. Will the work you do now help you achieve them?


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