Evaluate your current situation with a Task Filter and Freedom Compass


  1. Get two pieces of paper and a pen.

  2. Label the first paper as the “Task Filter Sheet” and divide it into three columns.
    Label the columns as “Task”, “Passion”, and “Proficiency”.

  3. List your regular tasks and activities under the “Task” column.

  4. Evaluate each task you’ve listed by passion and proficiency.
    If you are passionate about the task, check the “passion” section. Alternatively, if you are proficient at the task, check the “proficient” section. Check both columns if you are both passionate and proficient at the task.

  5. Then, get the second paper and label it as the “Freedom Compass.”
    Draw a circle and divide it into four parts diagonally. Label each part accordingly: 
     - Desire Zone (Upper part of the circle) refers to tasks you are both proficient and passionate about.
     - Distraction Zone (Left part of the circle) refers to the tasks you are passionate about but not proficient at.
     - Disinterest Zone (Right part of the circle) refers to things you are proficient at but are not passionate about.
     - Drudgery Zone (Lower part of the circle) refers to tasks for which you have no passion and proficiency.

  6. Refer to your task filter sheet and categorize all the listed tasks.
    For example, if a task has both checks on proficiency and passion column, transfer it to the Desire Zone.

  7. Re-read the tasks under the Desire Zone, as this will be your main focus. Then, decide what you will do about the tasks that fall under the three remaining zones.
    Eliminate or delegate these tasks.

  8. Keep your Freedom Compass in a highly visible place.
    Use it as a reminder to focus only on the Desire Zone.


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