Establish your ideal team


  1. Define your ideal team.
    Describe what your perfect team would look like. Is it rich in supportive connections and positive exchanges? Is it a "business only" group that gets to work right away, or do members have time to socialize outside of work? Does it foster development, encouragement, and support?
  2. Analyze your teams.
    Analyze which teams you need and which teams will push your company vision toward the goals and provide joy. Separate the teams into those you're satisfied with and those that might need improvement. You may also choose to eliminate weaker terms if you think it’s the best thing to do.
  3. Develop trust and honesty within your team.
    Use your free time to bond with coworkers outside of the workplace. Share information in a way that makes others want to do the same. Don't be quick to blame other team members for mistakes, or they'll be less likely to admit them in the future. Instead, be honest about what went wrong in the past and learn from it.
  4. Manage conflicts.
    Avoid interfering in other people's conflicts. Don't speak negatively about other colleagues or spread rumors. Instead, take responsibility for the problems you've created and tidy them up by settling whatever personal conflicts you have.
  5. Spark joy in your teams.
    Determine what each team member enjoys doing and assign tasks accordingly.


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