Establish the three cornerstones of your marketing planning


  1. Plan for several possible futures as you cannot predict the future. 
    Consider three core areas before you start planning:
     - Accept the limitations of planning – don’t assume that good data and smart people will automatically produce a great idea.
     - Value the process of planning, not the end result (the plan).
     - Don’t plan the future; plan your people – recruit outstanding people who fit your basic broad vision.
  2. Apply tactics to shape your strategy and execute passionately.
    Employ different tactics to evolve your planning strategy. Execute your ideas with the passion for securing your prospects' buy-in.
  3. Avoid overplanning, endless analysis, procrastination, and the waiting game.
    Completing endless analysis and stalling can result in competitors overtaking your business. Keep moving forward, so your company is action-oriented.
  4. Encourage lateral thinking as it can lead to great ideas.
    Teach people to listen and consider alternate points of view.
  5. Challenge sacred truths in your company as they can lead to overconfidence.
    Performing overconfidence bias tests enables you to identify those wrong, and widespread assumptions then address them to benefit your service.
  6. Be inspiring and believe in yourself.
    For inspiring results, you need inspiration, not common sense. Believe in yourself, your people, and your organization.


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