Establish healthy boundaries in the workplace


  1. Determine which boundaries will be most beneficial.
    Write down the boundaries you need to set in order to create a healthy work environment.
  2. Look for the colleagues who are not part of the toxicity.
    Look for people in the workplace who are not part of the toxicity and can support you.
  3. Talk to your boss if they are not part of the problem.
    If your boss is not part of the toxicity, talk to them about the issues you are facing.
  4. Make sure your needs are heard and respected.
    Speak up about your needs in meetings, to superiors, and with coworkers.
  5. Set limits on work hours.
    Make sure to arrive and leave work on time, and take a lunch break away from your desk.
  6. Find activities outside of work.
    Look for activities that have nothing to do with work, and limit the way you talk about work with others.


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