Hold regular WIG sessions


  1. Hold a WIG session. Schedule a meeting with the team to discuss a single goal and how to move the WIG scoreboard forward.
  2. Make one or two high-impact commitments for the coming week. Make sure the commitments are clear, relevant to the goal, and timely.
  3. Demonstrate respect. Listen to your team's input and make them feel that their input is valued and important.
  4. Reinforce accountability. Remind the team that when they make a commitment, they must find a way to fulfill it no matter what happens during the week.
  5. Establish a standard of performance that is expected from the team.
  6. Monitor progress. Track the progress of the team to make sure the commitments are being met. Provide feedback to them when necessary.
  7. Celebrate successes. Celebrate when the team meets its commitments.


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