Envision the future four: self, social, skills, service.

When you envision the best version of yourself, think of what traits you would have, how you would treat others, what skills you would have, and how you would contribute to the greater good. The specific steps you need to take to reach that ideal will quickly become clear.


  1. Define your best Future Self.
    Before any task or situation, find three aspirational words that describe how your best self will handle it. For example, patient, creative, and open to ideas.

  2. Define how you will interact with others.
    Intentionally anticipate positive social interactions and consciously strive to achieve them. Think about how you want to treat people and to be treated.

  3. Define what skills you must develop to win in the future.
    Write down three skills that make people successful in your primary field of interest. Determine exactly what you will do to develop those skills (trainings, courses, coaching, etc.). Set up a plan, put it in your calendar, and stay consistent.

  4. Define how you can serve with excellence.
    Focus more on service over self. What is the contribution you are going to make right now? How can you make it happen with excellence?


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