Ensure you get enough rest and nutrients

Vitamin D and sleep help you stay healthy and motivated about your fat loss goals. Sleep also helps you recover from exercise, overall performance, cognitive function and sex drive.


  1. Take a D vitamin supplement
    While humans can get D vitamin from sunlight, it is estimated that around one billion people worldwide have a Vitamin D deficiency.

  2. Avoid substances and lifestyle choices that impact your sleep cycle
    Caffeine, alcohol, drug abuse, shift work, jet lag, light from phones and screens before bed time and disorders such as sleep apnoea are common factors of sleep problems. Of course, it may be impossible to avoid these altogether but you should aim to cut down on these things.

  3. Try some of the proven ways to sleep better

    • Use melatonin as a supplement in the evenings to sleep better.
    • Magnesium and lavender sprays may also help you sleep better.
    • Use timers on electric devices that tell you to go to sleep early enough
    • Use an app to track the amount of sleep you get every night.


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