Engage in heart talks


  1. ** Establish the rules of the heart talk. **
    Agree on ground rules that promote active listening, honesty, and vulnerability. These might include speaking from personal experience, keeping the information confidential, and not leaving the talk until it's declared complete.
  2. ** Select an item to signify the heart talk. **
    Any object can be used to indicate who has the floor to speak, such as a ball, a paperweight, or even a teddy bear.
  3. ** Set a time limit and go around the group. **
    Determine how much time will be allotted for each person to speak and make sure everyone gets a turn to talk. Consider setting a time limit of 15 to 30 minutes to ensure the conversation doesn't go on for too long.
  4. ** Listen without responding or interrupting.**
    After each person speaks, thank them and move on to the next person in the group. It's important to let each person have their turn to speak without any interruptions or comments from others.
  5. ** Continue the heart talk until everyone has said "I pass" twice in a row.**
    This signals that everyone has had an opportunity to speak and there is nothing else left to be said. It's important to respect everyone's feelings and opinions, even if they are different from your own.


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