Engage in activities that boost neurotransmitters to your brain


  1. Exercise regularly and laugh more to boost endorphins
    Each time you engage in physical activity, your brain gets a surge of endorphins to override any pain or discomfort. This happens every time you laugh too!

  2. Set clear, achievable goals for yourself to boost dopamine
    Be specific about your goals - you need to know exactly what you’re working towards.

  3. Help others to gain respect and boost serotonin
    Offer support and protection to others and help them achieve their goals in whatever ways you can. The respect you get will boost your serotonin, as will watching them succeed.

  4. Perform acts of generosity and engage in physical contact to boost oxytocin
    Extend generosity wherever you can - if someone drops something, help them pick it up, for example. Oxytocin is released in our brains when we engage in prosocial activities, including when we hug each other, or even when we hold hands.


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