End your relationship with grace and move on


  1. Get space to grieve alone.
    Avoid jumping into a new relationship immediately. Commit yourself to mourn and also learn from the broken relationship.

  2. Rest and sleep well.
    Sleep deprivation can lead to problems such as anorexia and suicidal ideation.

  3. Tell your story to anyone who cares to listen.
    Repeating the traumatic details helps you absorb the shock and stress of what occurred.

  4. Control your desire to enact revenge on the person who hurt you.
    You have the right to your feelings and thoughts but refrain from acting negatively on them.

  5. Spend time with your loved ones.
    Do the things you enjoy doing with your loved ones. For example, swimming, holidaying, or just chatting when you are idle.

  6. Resist the wish to tell your partner one last thing.
    This includes giving him any piece of information to manipulate him into an argument or whatever response you desire.


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