Encourage kids to try new experiences and learn from their mistakes


  1. Create a list of twenty small tasks that your kids need to be able to do to cope with life.
    Examples could include calling a friend instead of texting them, doing their own laundry, taking the bus, frying an egg, sewing a hem, changing a button, confronting a friend rather than posting comments on Facebook, etc.
  2. Make the process enjoyable.
    Turn it into a game or fun challenge, but avoid rewarding it with a prize as that may create an unhealthy incentive.
  3. Don't intervene or get angry when they make a mistake or fail.
    For all of us, mastering skills requires the ability to tolerate frustration. If you respond too quickly with a helping hand or agitation, your child won’t develop that tolerance. Take a deep breath and let them figure it out. Let them fail.
  4. Inspire your daughter to explore the world of science.
    Provide her with an ongoing narrative that highlights the role of science in everyday life, such as the weather, climate change, food, transportation, medicine, and technology. This can spark her imagination and interest in the field.
  5. Emphasize the value of math.
    Avoid putting down your own math ability and instead build up how helpful and interesting math can be in small ways. Remember that you are your daughter's most powerful role model.
  6. Encourage your daughter to participate in sports.
    Sports are a great way for girls to learn how to openly compete and build self-confidence. Consider starting them young and encouraging them not to quit when things get tough.
  7. Encourage taking action instead of just giving them praise.
    Rather than simply telling someone they're great, suggest an action they can take and give them permission to act. This can empower them to take control and build their own confidence.


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