Encourage your team’s development


  1. Delegate tasks and responsibilities to others
    Give your subordinates work to do and provide clear instructions on how to do it. Provide advice and ideas so that they can gain different perspectives of the world of work.
  2. Provide challenging and interesting assignments
    Give your team members difficult but attainable assignments that force them to stretch their skills.
  3. Provide emotional support when necessary
    Set a good example for your subordinates by acting and working appropriately. Show them the attitudes, values, and behaviors you want to see in the workplace. Respect each individual for who they are to build trust and motivation.
  4. Provide wise feedback regularly
    When giving feedback about bad behavior, describe the situation, the observable behavior, and its impact. For example, you can say, “On Wednesday morning during the 10 o’clock meeting in the auditorium, you interrupted the presentation. I felt embarrassed.” Then you can add, “I’m offering this feedback because I have very high expectations of you and I know you can attain them.”
  5. Ensure that your ratio of positive to negative feedback is 5:1
    Over the next 30 days, give 5 positive comments for every negative comment you make about your subordinates’ work.


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