Encourage your team to improve continuously


  1. Identify your purpose.
    Think about the projects you lead. Ask yourself: What is the purpose of each one? What is my purpose for this project? Your purpose will give you the strength and motivation to overcome challenges.

  2. Communicate your beliefs to your team.
    Showing your team why you believe in your work will help them believe in theirs too. This is especially helpful when they’re feeling demotivated.

  3. Enforce standards that your team members must meet.
    Set standards for your team and enforce them with consequences. These consequences do not have to take the form of severe punishment. In fact, simply making someone repeat a task until they have perfected it is enough to improve performance. By setting standards, you’re building a team that can function well even when you’re not around. You’re also encouraging them to keep improving at what they do.

  4. Review your team’s performance once a week.
    You should review both the performance of your team as a whole as well as the performance of each individual member. Ask yourself if they met the standards you have. Be brutally honest.

  5. Identify the underperforming team members.
    These members will require additional training from you so that they can meet the standards that have been set.


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