Encourage positive change in the workplace


  1. Encourage a hypothetical discussion.
    Get your team to discuss change by asking hypothetical questions such as: “These changes probably won’t come to fruition, but work with me for a minute…” or “This would be a big change if we were really going to do it, but just as a thought exercise, what if….”
  2. Get people to play and joke around.
    Some of the best creative ideas come from joking around. It can feel like a waste of time to tell stories or watch videos, but allowing the space to play can fuel new thoughts. Creativity often comes from unexpected or unrelated connections. And a fun environment can make change seem less scary.
  3. Highlight the positives that change brings to your team.
    When change happens within your team, there is always going to be resistance. But you can help your team see change as a friend by acknowledging the positives.


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