Encourage dissent and diversity of opinions to nurture originality and innovation


  1. Create an open database where employees can identify problems and rate them according to severity
    Maintain a database where employees can point out problems in the company and rate them depending on severity. You can also allow employees with differing opinions to openly debate their ideas either in person or via an internal blog that’s accessible to everyone.

  2. Create a trusted team of individuals whose role is to provide divergent views
    If you’re a CEO, you can have a team of people who openly speak their mind and advise you whenever they see the company heading in the wrong direction. They can identify problems and propose solutions before things get out of hand.

  3. Give subordinates opportunities to question your decisions and actions
    If you’re a teacher, you can hold sessions where students provide constructive criticism and ideas on how to improve their lessons. Record the key suggestions and then recommend the appropriate changes.

  4. Allow new employees to challenge company policies to help find the best ideas
    Establish an entry interview where new hires are asked to provide ideas on how they think the company can improve.


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