Empty your mind.

All your anxiety, worries, and fears can be eliminated by simply emptying your mind of them. When you practice the above 4 steps every day, you will notice your mind becoming more calm and relaxed, and you will be able to achieve inner peace.


  1. Once a day, drop all your worries out the window.
    Go to a window and imagine dropping all your worries, fear, and anxieties out that window. Watch them fall to the ground and disappear. They are no longer in your mind.

  2. At intervals during the day, think of peaceful thoughts.
    For example, imagine a beautiful valley filled with the hush of evening time, or the silvery light of the moon falling upon rippling waters.

  3. Practice the technique of suggestive articulation.
    Audibly repeat words that inspire peace in you whenever you need to access your inner peace. Some examples of these words are tranquility and serenity. Repeat them over and over until peace washes over you.

  4. Practice the art of silence once a day.
    Once a day, find a quiet spot that you can sit or lie in and be silent for 15 minutes. During this time, try to think as little as possible. It will be hard at first but with practice, you will become better at it.


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