Embrace your inner superhero to save yourself and others


  1. Acknowledge that you have a secret identity and superpowers
    Wake up every morning and say to yourself, “I am a superhero. What can I do today to solve problems and help people?” Then be open to any answers and opportunities that may arise. Trust that you have the power within you to figure out how to use your gifts when needed.

  2. Adopt the basic precepts of yoga
    Like Superman, you can act like a yogi by freely helping others, demonstrating self-control, and being content with what you have. Let go of old grudges and avoid unnecessarily worrying about the future.

  3. Only cultivate friendships with other superheroes
    Hang out with people who also share your vision and values in life i.e., using your powers to help people and bring balance to the world. Stay away from negative people, especially those who are antithetical to your cause.


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