Embrace the joy of being wrong to increase your knowledge and confidence


  1. Make a list of five topics you have strong opinions about

  2. Identify the opinions that have become part of your identity
    Do you feel personally attacked if someone questions them?

  3. Detach these opinions from your identity and instead hold them lightly
    It is this attachment to our identity that keeps us from recognizing when our opinions are off the mark. Instead of rethinking them, we get defensive.

  4. When you find out you’ve made a mistake, identify what new thing(s) you have learned
    If being wrong leads us to the right answer, the experience can become joyful.

  5. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself
    Maintain the humility to recognize that we are flawed and fallible. Laughing at yourself helps you focus less on proving yourself—and more on improving yourself.


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