Feedforward when changing a behavior


  1. Choose a single behavior to improve.
    Begin by selecting one specific behavior that, if changed, could significantly enhance your life. For example, decide to become a more attentive listener. This step involves deep reflection on the aspects of your personal or professional life that you believe hold the most potential for positive change.
  2. Discuss this goal of improving your chosen behavior to someone.
    Have a conversation about your goal with someone, regardless of their knowledge of the subject or their relationship with you. This could be a friend, family member, colleague, or even a stranger. The key here is to obtain fresh insights and perspectives. The diverse viewpoints can offer novel ideas or methods you might not have considered if you just kept your goal to yourself.
  3. Seek two suggestions for the future.
    Request from them a pair of practical recommendations that can help you move toward your goal. Make sure the conversation is about potential future improvements, not about past mistakes.
  4. Listen openly without judgment.
    Receive their advice with an open heart, and resist the urge to evaluate or critique them. Consider jotting down their points if it helps you remember.
  5. Show gratitude for their suggestions.
    Offer a genuine "Thank you" in response to their advice, appreciating the time and consideration they've given to help you.


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