Eliminate unnecessary expenses and focus on maximizing profits.

When you eliminate unnecessary expenses and focus on your products and services that are already performing well in the market, you guarantee an increase in profits.

When you provide good customer service, you encourage loyalty among your customers.

When you prepare for the future market, your business will be one step ahead of the rest.


  1. Put your business under a microscope and view it from a third person’s point of view.
    Detailed steps:
    Without any emotions attached, what changes do you think your business needs to make? Are there any products or services that are not thriving in the current market?

  2. Focus your marketing resources on your best-selling products/services.
    This refers to the 20% of your products/services that account for 80% of your profits.

  3. Focus on customer service.
    Ensure that your customers are always happy.

  4. Think about the future market.
    What will be popular in the market in one, two, and five years? Begin preparing for it now.


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