Eliminate negative influences on your healthy sleeping habits.

Understanding your sleeping patterns, the influence of your caffeine intake on your productivity, and your circadian rhythm is the first step to improving your sleep and your well-being.


  1. Keep a diary of the times you wake up and fall asleep.
    This will help you understand whether you are a morning person, a night person, or perhaps something in between.

  2. Set your alarm for every couple of hours to reflect on your level of awareness and productivity.
    If you notice that your productivity is low, insufficient sleep might be a reason for your lack of awareness.

  3. Fall asleep naturally.
    Healthy sleep is achieved without the use of sleeping pills.

  4. See if your difficulties with sleep are connected to drinking coffee later in the day.
    If you tend to drink coffee later in the afternoon, observe your sleeping habits. Are you able to fall asleep easily? If not, try eliminating caffeine, since it is a strong psychoactive substance.


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