Effectively solve your problems.

Emotions always win; when you just change your behaviors, you are at risk of slipping back into your old habits. When you change your emotional associations, you ensure that the change is lasting.

As the questions you ask yourself play a large role in how you think and feel, you should ask the right ones so as to improve the quality of your life.

Be sure to stay positive and happy—have fun while you work on your problems, and you won’t dread them as much!


  1. Associate pain with your problem.
    What will happen if you do not solve the problem? In the example of smoking, continuing to smoke risks lung cancer and other health issues. Think about the consequences, and associate the pain of those consequences with the actions.

  2. Ask yourself brilliant and empowering questions.
    Think about the positive side of any situation. Ask yourself, “How can I learn from this?” or, “How can I use my experience to help others?”.

  3. Identify what you need to fix.
    Ask yourself, “What is not perfect yet?”

  4. Brainstorm and come up with ideas to solve your problem.
    Think about what you can do to fix your problem. Do you need to take physical action, or do you need to change your attitude about something?

  5. Stay calm.
    Make problem solving a relaxing activity so as to keep your mind calm and focused. If you have several calls to make, slip into the Jacuzzi and relax while you make them.


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