Edit your life to guarantee it progresses in the direction you desire.

Many people view editing as a task to be performed only when things become overwhelming or get too out of hand. However, editing your time and activities continuously in small ways will help you smoothly adjust your life to meet your goals.


  1. Eliminate multiple meaningless activities and replace them with one very meaningful activity.
    For example, a well-established employee can choose to skip two-hour long weekly meetings and get the necessary information from coworkers in 10 minutes. He can then spend that spare time on important work.

  2. Correct your life whenever it begins to veer off track.
    Compare your activities and behaviors to your purpose/goals. If those activities are not bringing you closer to the success you desire, correct them so they are aligned with your goals.

  3. Only edit what is absolutely necessary.
    If something is working fine, don’t fix it!


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