Eat only the types of food that are best for your body.

Yoga does not define exactly what to eat. However, listen to your body and eat food that’s good to it. Developing awareness of your body’s feelings after eating certain food may take some time. But, it is only after gaining this awareness that you will know what your body is made for.


  1. Be conscious of what you eat.
    Every time you eat, listen to what your body is saying about the food.

  2. Feel the food you eat.
    Don’t trust your tongue. Trust your body. As your awareness of your body increases, you will better understand what types of food to eat.

  3. Beware of food that takes a long time to digest.
    These foods come mainly from animal products. They stay in the digestive system for a long time and cause an overgrowth of bacteria.

  4. Avoid mixing different types of food.
    Different types of food require different enzymes to digest. Some of these enzymes neutralize each other, which makes the food much more difficult to digest.

  5. Avoid cooked food. Eat as much raw food as possible.
    Raw food has natural enzymes that are otherwise destroyed by cooking. These enzymes help you digest food better.

  6. Chew your food properly.
    Digestion starts as soon as you put food in your mouth. Give it time to digest.


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