Dress up to seduce creativity back to you


  1. When you’re experiencing a creative block, get a mirror. Look at yourself firmly and ask, “How should I look so I can seduce creativity back to me?”
    Remember that you’re having an affair with creativity. So, the moment it hides from you, the best way to get it back is to seduce it by your looks.

  2. Clean yourself and dress up.
    Take a shower, brush your teeth, wash your face and shave. Wear what you think is the best outfit for the day. You can also put on some make-up and perfume. Then, clear your desk and put some scented candles on it (only if you have them). Put your best efforts so you can seduce creativity back to you.

  3. Get back to work.
    Once you seduce our creativity, it will always come back to you. Now you’re ready to work again creatively.


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