Dress to impress and live an attractive lifestyle


  1. Get your measurements taken and wear clothes that fit.
    Have a professional take your measurements at a clothing store. Make sure that the shoulder seams of your clothes reach the end of your shoulders, the cuffs don't go past your wrist bone, and the bottom of your pants or jeans rest gently on the top of your shoes without sagging from your waist. Choose colors and patterns of clothes that look good together.
  2. Dress to your personality.
    Pick clothes that reflect your personality and style. Look for famous people or role models who have a similar style and use them as inspiration. If you're having trouble getting started, ask a fashionable female friend to take you shopping.
  3. Improve your body and posture.
    Exercise regularly to have more energy, raise your testosterone levels, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and make you feel better about yourself. You should also eat healthier by cutting out soda, fast food, desserts, and candy. Look in a mirror and analyze your posture, then practice walking with good posture by keeping your shoulders back, head up, back straight, stomach in, and feet straight. Swing your shoulders and arms slightly as you walk. To develop your chest voice, hum a note, then slowly raise and lower it. Read aloud the sentence “Do you want to get a drink Thursday night?” while holding your nose and practicing until you can say it without sounding nasal. Speak slowly and experiment with slowing down your speech.
  4. Live an attractive lifestyle.
    Take a look at your lifestyle and make changes to it so that it reflects your values and ideals. Get healthy, find a group of friends who make you happy, find hobbies that you love, and form your own opinions. Take action and learn how to communicate effectively.


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