Don’t shy away from the label “feminist.”

You may think that women in the sixties and seventies did all the grunt work for you. After all, women can now vote, they go to university, they can choose who they want to get married to, they’ve joined corporate America, etc. You may think that there’s nothing left to fight for. However, there is still a long way to go! A woman’s success is still contingent on whether or not she is considered “one of the guys”—this means putting up with sexist jokes, dressing down to look less feminine, drinking whiskey and smoking cigars, and most of all, keeping quiet. For if a woman is perceived as a feminist, she will be automatically shunned.

Be a proud and loud feminist; otherwise you too are complicit in perpetuating an unjust system.


  1. Don’t buy into a gross caricature of feminism.
    Feminists are often inaccurately portrayed as bra-burning, humorless, man-hating monsters. However, understand that feminism’s beliefs do not say that women are better than men; rather, they state that women are equal to men and should be given equal opportunities.

  2. Be open and proud about being a feminist.
    Speak up and let the world know your views. Stay confident in your knowledge that you are trying to make the world a better place.


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