Do the 20-day cold shower challenge


  1. Take your normal shower.
    Start by having a warm shower as you normally would.

  2. Turn to a cold shower.
    Once you are finished washing, turn the shower as cold as it will go and stand underneath it, covering your whole body with the cold water. Start with 30 seconds each morning.

  3. Enjoy it.
    Let yourself embrace the cold. Feel how it engages your body and mind and makes you feel alive.

  4. Repeat for four weeks and increase the length of the cold shower.
    Do this at least five times a week for four weeks when you have a shower, and increase the time spent in the cold shower each time. Aim for 30 seconds in the first week, 1 minute in the second week, 1 minute 30 seconds in the third week, and 2 minutes in the fourth week.


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