Do ten minutes of morning priming, which produces a rapid change in physiology, to cue your enabling emotions.

Tony Robbins uses 10 minutes every morning to supercharge his life! He believes that in a low emotional state, we can see only problems, not solutions. For example, you wake up feeling tired and overwhelmed. You brainstorm strategies to solve your issues, but it comes to nothing, and you feel even worse. This is because you started in a negative state, attempted strategy but didn’t succeed (due to tunnel vision on the problems), and then told yourself self-defeating stories (“I always do this,” or, “I will never change.”). 

However, when you ‘prime’ your state first, the biochemistry will help you proactively tell yourself an enabling story. Only then do you think on strategy, as you’ll see options instead of dead ends. Start the day like Tony Robbins and succeed beyond your wildest dreams.


  1. As soon as you get up in the morning, start your priming routine by taking a 30-60 second cold shower or a cold-water plunge.
    This is exhilarating and has a number of health benefits.

  2. Do some breathing exercises that invigorate you.
    Three sets of 30 reps of rapid nasal breathing with the rapid overhead extension of the arms on the inhale and elbows dropping down the rib cage on the exhale or any alternative which you prefer.

  3. For three minutes, focus on feeling grateful for three things.
    One really simple thing (e.g. your morning coffee) and two other things. Don’t just think gratitude, experience it and let gratitude fill your soul. When you are grateful, there’s no anger or fear.

  4. For three minutes, focus on feeling the presence of God (light, universe).
    Feel this inner presence healing everything in your body, mind, emotions, relationships, and finances. Feel it solving anything that needs to be solved.

  5. For three minutes, focus on three things you will make happen so you can thrive.
    See these things as though they have already been achieved, feel the emotions, etc.

  6. Now you are in the right state. You can strategize.
    Now is the time to plan, to problem solve, and to create your life.


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