Nurture the opinions you have about yourself

The human mind is like the fertile ground where seeds are continually being planted. The seeds are opinions, ideas, and concepts. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, the seeds planted in our minds are those of fear and self-rejection.

When you do not accept these negative seeds and instead only allow seeds of love and self-care to take root in your mind, you will be happier.


  1. Allow your mind to only accept seeds of love and self-care.
    “Seeds” refers to any thoughts that may have taken root in your mind. Negative comments others make about you are seeds—do not allow them a place in your mind; do not believe them. Do not accept others’ opinions of you as true without properly thinking about them.

  2. Forgive and forget.
    Remember that these people did not say negative things to you to hurt you; they did it because they do not know how powerful words are. Forgive them.

  3. Express only positivity for others.
    It goes both ways—your negative comments could plant seeds of self-doubt and self-hatred in their minds.


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