Focus on being productive instead of busy.

​​​​​​You can save a huge amount of time if you focus on things that are important instead of keeping yourself busy. Time is the most precious asset; don’t waste it!



  1. When you work, make this time as productive as you can.
    For example, don’t waste hours handling unimportant emails.

  2. Work fewer hours, while producing more.
    It might be hard, because our culture tends to reward personal sacrifice instead of personal productivity.


  1. Start with the end goal.
    Write down what you want to achieve.

  2. Break it down into specific actions.
    What must be done to achieve the end goal?

  3. Order the tasks.
    Arrange the tasks from easiest to hardest and from minimal impact to high-leverage activity.

  4. Prioritize.
    Schedule your calendar in blocks to prioritize time for the most important tasks.


Unfortunately, since the industrial age, people's attitudes and approaches to work have remained largely unchanged. While it's admirable when someone rolls up their sleeves and gets to work, somewhere along the line, people have confused being productive and efficient with being rushed off their feet, I find it much more impressive to see someone organise their day in the morning so that the most important things in life/work come first, before opening emails.

Take action!

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