Use healthy stress to your advantage.

There are two types of stress: distress and eustress. The former is the harmful one that makes you weaker, less confident, and less able. However, eustress pushes you to the limits and helps you achieve much more. “Eu-” is a greek prefix for “healthy,” in the sense of “euphoric.” This type of stress helps you grow.


  1. Keep looking for positive stress.
    This can include defining a deadline to accomplish your project by or accepting constructive criticism. There is no growth without this type of stress.

  2. Avoid negative stress.
    For example, abusive bosses or destructive criticism. If this happens to you, think about how you can change it to be positive stress that would help you grow, or if that’s not possible, eliminate it. Yes, probably the only way to eliminate the stress from abusive bosses is to change jobs.

  3. Keeping in mind those two principles, think about yesterday and what type of stress you experienced.
    Think about tomorrow as well: How can you avoid negative stress and use good stress to move your forward?


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