Dismantle hierarchical structures in your business


  1. Work at a round or square table.
    Most tables you find in boardrooms are long and rectangular. This prevents eye contact and encourages hierarchical seating. Instead, sit with your employees at a square or circular table. This way, everyone can see each other, and ideas can flow freely. It will encourage people to share, no matter their place in the business.
  2. Implement a “Feedback Day.”
    A feedback box is great, but implementing a day for the entire staff to work with one another and gather feedback will go a long way to improving morale.
  3. Let every staff member contribute to the company’s end goal.
    When there’s a lack of collaboration, employee morale drops because they don’t feel they’re helping the company grow or reach its goals. So, allow each of your workers to be responsible for their work.
  4. Continue to encourage discussion with open-ended questions.
    Reminding your staff that their feedback is important, no matter their position will reduce the fear younger staff have of approaching management. When discussing feedback, ask open-ended questions that leave the employees room elaborate.


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