Develop your practical intelligence.

You may be extremely intelligent and well-versed in every single aspect of your field, but if you can’t communicate your capability to others, you will never get the opportunities to do anything with your brilliant mind. And the only way to communicate your capability to others is by using your practical intelligence!


  1. Know how to measure your practical intelligence.
    Your practical intelligence is measured by knowing what to say to whom, knowing when to say it, and most importantly, knowing how to say it for maximum effect.

  2. Cultivate a sense of entitlement.
    This means that you must consider yourself worthy of respect, and indicate to others that you do so. You can do this by asking questions and reasoning, negotiating, and joking with others, even if they are of a higher status than you!

  3. Take charge of moments in your life.
    Refrain from being shy or submissive; instead, be authoritative!


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