Develop your character traits.

Working on your character is what will remove bad habits from your life, and create new, good ones. In terms of personal growth, it’s better to think about becoming the person you want to become, instead of achieving your goals or winning at life. When you become this type of person, the other things you desire will unfold naturally.


  1. Stand for something.
    Set your standards, values, and code. Your code should be unbreakable.

  2. Make your life important.
    You are here for a reason. There is something you need to accomplish.

  3. Develop integrity.
    What you say should be what you think and what you do. All these things should be aligned.

  4. Decide to be a loyal person to everyone you come in contact with.
    Loyalty is like a habit, so commit to being loyal, despite what other people do.

  5. Take full responsibility for everything you wish you could change.
    It’s not only taking responsibility for your life, but also for what you want the world to become.


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