Develop your 12-week plan


  1. List down all your goals. 
    It could be personal or professional goals. 
  2. Distribute your goals into three categories.
    The first one is about your long-term goals, the second about your mid-term goals, and the third about your short-term goals that can be achieved in 12 weeks. 
  3. Measure your success.
    Plan with numbers in mind: How much money would you like to earn in a 12-week period? How many pounds would you like to lose? How many miles would you like to be able to run?
  4. Positively formulate your goals.
    90% success sounds better than 10% failure. 
  5. Push yourself.
    If you can accomplish your goals without making a real effort, you might be settling for less than you can accomplish. Get out of your comfort zone because that is where growth happens.
  6. Assign accountability.
    Every person on your team should know their responsibilities and deadlines and the importance of respecting them. 
  7. Set deadlines.
    Set a deadline for any goal you wish to achieve in the 12-week year. This will sharpen your focus and make you more invested. 


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