Develop successful people’s skills #4.

Once you apply the habits of successful people in your life, you will notice the difference in your mindset and way of acting. By behaving like successful people, you are closer to being one of them.


  1. Be like a magician—create a new reality.
    You don’t have to accept your current reality.

  2. Commit first, then later you can figure out how to make it.
    By planning, calculating, and thinking, you can miss the opportunity. Once you commit to something, you will see the level of motivation you have to find a solution.

  3. Behave ethically, not only in terms of the law or spoken agreements.
    Remember that achieving the results you desire and are able to achieve and creating success for you and your family is your ethical obligation.

  4. Work in the team/group, whether you are the leader or a part of the group.
    Being self-oriented doesn’t work in the long term.

  5. Read, study, and educate yourself your whole life.
    Spend time at conventions, symposiums, and reading. Treat all the costs of tickets, books, etc. as an investment in yourself.

  6. Put yourself in situations that are uncomfortable. Stray from your comfort zone.
    Getting too comfortable, too relaxed, and too familiar causes you to lose creativity, momentum, and motivation.

  7. Associate yourself with people who think, dream, and play big.
    Look to build relationships with people who have achieved more success, are better educated, and have more experience than you. By being with them, you can learn.

  8. Be disciplined.
    It is crucial to start operating under the 10X Rule.


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