Develop successful people’s skills #2.

Once you apply the habits of successful people in your life, you will notice the difference in your mindset and way of acting. By behaving like successful people, you are closer to being one of them.


  1. Choose dangerous options.
    By taking actions cautiously you will not be able to take “massive actions.”

  2. Think in terms of creating money and wealth, not earning and saving funds.
    Find a way to create wealth by exchanging ideas, products, services, and effectively problem-solving.

  3. Instead of talking about the plan of actions you will take, just start taking action.
    Your actions cannot all be accomplished today or tomorrow, but when taken consistently and persistently over time, you will eventually achieve your goals.

  4. Always say, “Yes!” (“Yes, I will be happy to/would love to/want to…”)
    The word “yes” is more positive and has more life and possibilities.

  5. Fully and consistently commit to activities.
    Commitment means that you will do whatever is necessary to make that pledge a reality and fulfill the commitment.

  6. Remember that “half measures availed us nothing.”
    Until an action is turned into a success, it is simply not done.

  7. Focus on the “now.”
    Do not think, plan, wait, or calculate, but make a habit of acting now. Remember that procrastination is the ultimate weakness.

  8. Do things that you fear.
    Courage comes to those who act, not to those who think, wait, and wonder.


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