Develop successful people’s skills #1.

Once you apply the habits of successful people in your life, you will notice the difference in your mindset and way of acting. By behaving like successful people, you are closer to being one of them.


  1. Introduce a “can do” outlook into your language, thoughts, actions, and responses to everyone you know.
    Use expressions like: “We can do it!”, “Let's make it happen!”, and “Let's work it out!” and focus on resolving problems not looking for them.

  2. Even if you don’t know the answer yet, never say “I don’t know.”
    A much better answer is, “Great question. Let me check and then I’ll figure it out.” This way you show that you want to find the solution.

  3. Focus on obstacles. What is easy won’t bring you success.
    Behind every difficulty or problem lays an opportunity: a new idea, product, service, and finally success. The bigger the obstacle, the bigger the opportunity.

  4. Be invigorated by challenges and see them as stimulation to engage.
    Develop a positive outlook on challenges, and you will not feel overwhelmed by them (only not taking enough actions to overcome challenges leads to that feeling). Challenges will sharpen your abilities.

  5. Seek out problems that you can solve.
    Many companies even create problems so that they can “solve” them and sell their products.

  6. Never let setbacks, unexpected events, bad news, or resistance stop you.
    Persist until you achieve what you dreamed. This isn't an innate trait; it is one you can develop.

  7. Take the risk by following the saying: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”
    Playing it safe and holding back will not bring you success.

  8. Don’t always behave reasonably and in the way that others expect.
    If your idea is big, others will criticize you. Remember that people and inventions that made a huge difference in our world were originally called unreasonable or even crazy.


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